June 25-28, 2013  Boston, MA


Games Beyond Entertainment Week is a series of one and two-day conferences designed to explore serious game and emerging market opportunities for videogames and videogame technologies.

Featuring over seven unique events including the 9th Annual Games for Health Conference, Games Beyond Entertainment Week is focused on networking, promotion, business development, and knowledge sharing of interest to both the videogame industry and the multitude of sectors using or investing in videogames to further their specific organizational missions.

Our Main Event Roster...

9th Annual
Games for Health Conference

Game-based solutions are providing compelling means to increase physical activity, advance personal health, improve hospital operations, train healthcare providers, and advocate important healthcare information.

Learn and network through a broad range of featured content including specially developed tracks on Active Gaming, Medical Training & Education, Physical Therapy & Rehab, and Cognitive Gaming.

For more info visit: http://www.gamesforhealth.org

Serious Games Tutorial

The Serious Games Initiative, with support from the Federation of American Scientists and other partners presents an event showcasing leading serious game projects and research to assist developers, sponsors, and partners operating in the serious games field.

This event kicks off Games Beyond Entertainment Week 2010 which offers a slew of events dedicated to exploring the edgier possibilities for videogames in today's global economy.

For more info visit: http://www.seriousgamesfestival.com

Out & About :
The Mobile Serious Games Conference

Out & About is the first ever event dedicated to the creation and distribution of serious games on mobile platforms. 

New platforms, digital distribution strategies, and robust installed bases in mobile phones, and mobile handheld consoles have created an environment that makes it far more possible to consider deployment of serious games in the mobile space. 

Out & About offers a means to see a combination of pioneering mobile serious games from the recent years alongside a number of new developments happening on iPhone, Android, and Nintendo DSi.  From ARGs, to pedometer powered adventures, Out & About will bring you up-to-speed on this exciting new area of the serious games field.

For more info visit: http://www.seriousgamesfestival.com/oaa/

Enabled Play: Annual Games Accessibility Day

Help everyone play. Games Accessibility Day explores all aspects of making games more accessible and creating games specifically for people with temporary, chronic, and lifelong disabilities. 

Join our gathering of gamers, researchers, developers & health professionals to discuss and advance the state of games accessibility for fun, health, and education.

For more info visit: http://www.enabledplay.com

LudicaMedica III: Improving Medical Modeling, Simulation, Training, and Education with Videogames

Ludica Medica’s playful title serves to emphasize its focus on a number of specific overlaps and specialized contributions videogames, their associated technologies, and the videogame industry can make in the larger fields of medical modeling, simulation, learning & training.  These include lower costs, ease-of-use, new forms of learning, and ability to reach new and large audience.

Topics covered at Ludica Medica will feature a combination of game-specific talks, and sessions relevant to areas where games overlap with more traditional technologies in the medical learning & training fields.

For more info visit: http://www.ludicamedica.com

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